Rome, Italy contains some of the most famous sculptural artworks in the world. When in Rome, it is difficult not to become over powered by the sheer amount of artistic antiquity. There are many museums devoted to just Ancient Greek and Roman statuary. This statuary is a piece of the Ancient Roman identity while still being tied to the image of current day Rome.  My project contains multiple points of view of both famous and historically important sculptural artworks of antiquity.  

           Through these photos, I have tried to create or impose abstraction. Working with black and white photos with high contrast has allowed the creation of multiple shapes as well as the ability to enhance the textures within the stone. I have represented the sculptural works through three movements: Elements, Bonds and Fragments. These movements relate to the type of composition or emotions I have either imposed or elicited from the works. The first movement is ElementsMy elements are not of a chemical nature but are instead components of the whole. Elements point to the small moments already within the colossal statuary compositions. Sometimes colossal statuary works become difficult to absorb; they are often over stimulating. The goal of these compositions is to find and show the interesting components of the colossal works. 

            Bonds draw attention to emotions. Within the Bonds section, I worked with the statuary containing multiple figures in order to create or bring out their emotional moments. These moments create bonds not only between the statuary figures, but also an intimate connection between the viewer and the artwork. It is a method of looking at statues as more than just a depiction, more than just stone. Ultimately these moments try to humanize the statues.  

            Fragments look at the passing of time. Most of the statues I included are artworks of antiquity, many found in the ruins. Through the passage of time, some statues have lost fingers, toes, hands or whole limbs. These statues were able to transcend time and multiple cultures; some broken either by accident or purposefully. It is a constant reminder that nothing remains the same forever.  

            Elements, Bonds and Fragments all work together to create a new perspective on statuary works. These are not the traditional tourist images of the statuary works at Rome. These photos are created with the intention of creating a different composition and impose or elicit emotional responses.